Analyze any element and sort any alloy with best precision across the entire periodic table.

Positive Material Identification is the detection of materials through non-destructive element spectrometry in samples of metals, steel, and alloys, which is used to check the component composition of material. This technology is widely used in various industries, numerous research, and academic laboratories worldwide due to the quickness and accuracy of the analysis. PMI machine is usually used by industries and companies like Steel Fabricators, Piping Fabricators, Scrap Dealers, Steel Traders .

The ONE BOX unites established X-ray technology for transition and heavy metals analysis with breakthrough handheld LIBS technology for the lightest of elements (Li, Be, B, C, F, Na, Mg, Al, Si). Sort your “lights” and ferrous lightning fast and accurately with the Z; your stainless, high temps and red metals with the X. Both the X and Z back up each other, so you’re ready for every situation.

Analyze any element, sort any alloy, with best precision across the board. Use each for any sorting job, or allocate the X to SS and high temps, the Z to aluminums. Either can back-up the other.


SciAps Z-902 Carbon Analyzer Specifications

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The world’s first handheld analyzer to deliver carbon content just got better. SciAps Z-902 Carbon is the key to rock-solid, in-field analysis for alloys. Confirm alloy type and grade 300 series stainless into L, H, and S series. Determine carbon equivalents for welding. Perform material verification pre- and post-fabrication.


A new standard for NDT/PMI

Identification of stainless steels and low alloy steels, including carbon analysis down to 70 ppm and instant CE (carbon equivalence) calculations using our uniquely powerful laser, onboard argon purge and high-resolution spectrometer.

  • On-board argon delivers results for pennies per
  • Powerful laser delivers 5-6 mJ/pulse on the sample, with a 50 Hz repetition High energy and high repetition rate mean a clean burn.
  • Laser raster can rapid-sample multiple locations in one test for fuller
  • Analysis averaging available for multi-shot averaging and data
  • Sample alignment micro-camera and LED Spotlight focus just where you

True portability

Only 4.35 lbs (1.97 kg) with battery and a narrow profile for accessing the tightest spaces; an aerospace-grade aluminum body for improved performance in high ambient temperatures; and a re-designed, Android-based user-interface all make this system the most usable platform on the market. Wifi and Bluetooth with GPS capability to print, email, and connect to virtually any information management system for efficient, real- time test data and reporting.


View Specification : SciAps Z-902


SciAps X-505 XRF Specifications

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The SciAps X-505 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. It’s the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun ever made — 2.98 lbs. with battery — and delivers the small size, blazing speed and high precision of the SciAps X Series in a perfectly balanced device. The X-505 was especially designed for NDT, PMI users who must access hard-to reach test locations and welds. The X-505 also features a powerful, miniaturized X-ray tube designed to excel at measuring low atomic number elements Si, P, S, Mg and Al. This tube combined with highly optimal internal geometry yields fast, precise results on previously challenging applications like measuring silicon for sulfdic corrosion, and low magnesium in aluminum alloys.


Simply the best handheld XRF ever made:

  • Fast on all alloys, including aluminums
  • Optimized for sulfidic corrosion (low Si)
  • Designed for residuals analysis, per API 751 and 5L specifications

Fast, precise tests with SciAps X-550

 SciAps X-505 analyzes common alloys in 1 second or less. For alloys requiring longer test times or two-beam analysis, pre-confgured on-board apps assure quality testing by every operator. Tap the Residuals App, for example, and the analyzer uses pre-set testing times to measure low concentrations of Cr, Cu and Ni, then calculates the sum. Operators won’t be adjusting test times in the feld, or generating insuffcient data quality due to incorrect testing times. Our patent-pending Aluminum App is optimized for both low atomic number elements and transition metals for ultra-fast, highly specifc verifcation of the many similar aluminum grades. Grades 3003/3004/3005, Cast 356 and 357, and 2014/2024 are just a few examples that are easy for the X but often confound other X-ray guns.


Connectivity and Android

The X Series is built on Google’s Android platform for real- time data exporting. The user interface has the feel of a smartphone with results easily viewed on a vibrant display and reversible light/dark for all lighting conditions. Built- in Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB mean that users can print and email from the X and connect to virtually any information management system for efficient test data and reporting.


View Specification : SciAps X-505




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