Evaluate the Notch Toughness Under Impact Loading

The essence of impact toughness testing comes in picture after the incident of liberty ship failure. There after the impact toughness testing is established in due course of time as well have incorporated in the design consideration.


Charpy v-notch impact toughness is well established technique to evaluate the notch toughness under impact loading. Its typically measure the total energy absorbed by the material at the event of fracture while subjected sudden impact loading.


It is well known that the carbon steels shows ductile-to-brittle transition under extreme exposed environmental conditions and it is important to evaluate the ductile-to-brittle transition temperature of given material for ensuring safety against in-service environmental conditions.



EILAB having inhouse capabilities for Vickers hardness testing, Rockwell hardness testing as well capable of equivalent Brinell hardness testing.


We also provide field hardness evaluation by portable hardness test equipment for asset integrity assessment assignments on request to access the material susceptibility to cracking under intended exposed environmental conditions, as well to predict the microstructural changes/degradation for critical engineering equipment.


The test standards as described below


  • ASTM E92 : Standard Test Methods for Vickers Hardness and Knoop Hardness of Metallic Materials
  • ASTM E384 : Standard Test Method for Micro-indentation Hardness of Materials
  • ASTM E18 : Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials
  • ASTM E110 : Standard Test Method for Indentation Hardness of Metallic Materials by Portable Hardness Testers
  • BS EN ISO 6507-1 : Metallic materials — Vickers hardness test — Part 1: Test method
  • BS EN ISO 6508-1 : Metallic materials — Rockwell hardness test — Part 1: Test method
  • Other renowned standard specifications like ABS Rules, DNV Rules, BV Rules, LR Rules, RINA Rules, NK Rules.


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