Equipped to conduct wet chemical and analytical chemical tests

EILAB Chemical department is equipped to conduct analysis of metal, oil, gas, drilling fluids, chemicals, mud, effluents etc. and also help the industry by providing extensive consultancy in identifying & cross-checking the material’s elemental composition, comparing results, analyzing and investigating, arbitrations on material selection & evaluation.



Our chemical testing services incorporate various analytical chemical instrument to carry out test on various type of materials. The tests conducted regularly are highlighted below:

  • Analysis of precious metals
  • Scales analysis
  • Potable and waste water analysis
  • Effluent and Sludge analysis
  • Soil, Cement, Fly ash
  • Refractories analysis
  • Analysis of drilling fluids
  • Analysis of ores and minerals
  • Industrial effluents analysis
  • Mud analysis
  • Paints analysis
  • Oils and Fuels analysis



Our chemical department is equipped with all analytical chemical instrument required to carry out test on various material. Below list of equipment highlights our chemical testing capability.


  • Optical Emission Spectroscope: Stationary metal analyzer, material testing to each constituent elements, including metal analysis of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen.
  • Inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometry: ICP-OES spectrometers measure the concentration of elements from ppb or ppt to % using de-excitation of atoms and ions in a plasma.
  • Gas Chromatography: Used to measure the chemical composition in gases and evaporable liquids in all stages of production and in all areas of refineries, oil refining, and chemical industries.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: Quantitative determination of chemical elements using optical absorption. AAS can be used to determine over 70 different elements in solution, or directly in solid samples.
  • Melting Point and Dropping Point: Used to measure melting point, melting range, boiling point, slip melting point and cloud point fully automatically.
  • Thermal Analysis/Calorimetry: Used to measure properties of a material at different temperatures, like, mass, dimension, optical properties, gaseous decomposition products, heat difference, and temperature difference.
  • pH Meter: Everything needed for precise and fast pH, conductivity, ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen measurements.
  • Titrators: Concentration determination with highest precision and productivity. Complete range of titrators and accessories covering most titration applications.



Our laboratory is equipped with Microbiological Tests on water and other liquid samples, with the testing like Biocides Evaluation, COD and BOD Levels etc.


We also provide Environmental Testing Services by conduction Air Monitoring – Ambient and Stack Emissions, Noise Level Measurements.


We provide in-situ laboratory services on site or fields. This facility is utilized by various Oil and Gas producing companies wherever site analysis is called for. The field staff of EILAB Chemistry department regularly perform PMI, sampling, analysis at various offshore locations.


Inspection, testing and endorsement services for various industries

Conventional and Advance NDT Services

Asset Integrity Management and Field Inspection Services

Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Services

Mechanical and Welding Qualification Testing

Metallurgical Failure Investigation

Corrosion Investigation and Testing

Analytical Chemical Testing

Rope Access for inspection at heights and "Normally difficult to Access" locations.

Our services are indispensable for the process owners and help them decide the course of action related to their materials, equipment, components for qualification and continued usage through our core services.


Analytical and Technical Laboratory in the Middle East having Metallurgy, Mechanical Testing, Chemical Testing,
NDT, Marine Survey, Field Inspection, Asset Integrity Services and PWHT facilities all under one roof that employs over 100 professionals. And Versatile Integrated Quality Management System and International Approvals.

Our pool of talent includes Engineers, Inspectors, Accountants, Finance Experts and Technicians.