EILAB Dynamic and Productive Management System

EILAB is certified for Quality Management System; ISO 9001:2015, Environmental management systems ISO 14001:2015, Occupational health and safety management systems ISO 45001:2018 to provide dynamic, productive, healthy and safe environment.


EILAB is committed to Health, Safety and Environment of its employees, stake holders and persons involved in EILAB operations. EILAB’s motto is “Safety is our highest priority”.


Management and staff are fully aware & committed to Integrated Management policies & objectives. EILAB staff is given QHSE induction prior to commencement of work.


Periodic Safety meetings and tool box talks are conducted to update to the staff about safety & quality by authorized personnel.


HSE team investigates all recorded near-misses and incidents for suitable corrective and preventive actions to avoid recurrence of incidents.


HSE system of EILAB conforms to industry guidelines, Legal requirements and applicable standards.


EILAB QHSE system is continuously monitored for its effectiveness and for the continual improvement of the system.


We at Emirates Industrial Laboratory is totally committed to provide high quality services to all our valuable partners. We strive to continually improve the quality management system through integrated total Quality Management. Emirates Industrial Laboratory always endeavors for the provision of best quality services to all of its valued clients through:


Quality management system Implementation and maintenance to meet the regulatory requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard that is continuously monitored and updated to ensure full compliance.

Our Implementation strategy and frame of work is demonstrated through the following commitments.


Continual Improvement through:


  1. Achievements of our , Mission and Goals
  2. Continuous Learning
  3. Involvement and upgrading the skills & competencies of the employees
  4. Responsibility and respect for our people and process
  5. Risk based thinking and process approach
  6. Systematically evaluating and monitoring the company processes

We assure of our top performance in compliance with the Clients and ISO Norms requirement.

Emirates Industrial Laboratory, assures that the quality policy and set objectives are well read and understood and complied by everyone in the organization for demonstrating the commitment towards Quality and business excellence.


We are committed to:


  1. Meeting legal requirements.
  2. Continually improving our IMS.
  3. Meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties.


Emirates Industrial Laboratory is committed to protect environment, prevent pollution, and Zero effect to the environment. Every employee is responsible for protecting the environment and for Emirates Industrial Laboratory; “Commitment to the Environment as the topmost priority” The organization is committed to environmental management and will:


  1. Integrate its environmental policies and procedures fully into all business activities as a critical element.
  2. Comply with all environmental legislation, standards and contract requirements that are applicable to the company’s operation.
  3. Continually improve its environmental performance and prevention of environment impact and taking into account current best practice, technological advances, current scientific understanding, customer and community needs, educate, train and promote employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  4. Promote and encourage the adoption of these principles by suppliers and contractors acting on behalf of the organization.
  5. Develop, implement and maintain emergency preparedness plans, foster openness and dialogue with both employees and the public, encouraging them to respond with their concerns or improvement ideas within the scope of the organization’s operations and maintain a set of environmental objectives that are monitored through the management review process to ensure effectiveness.


The company is committed to a safe and healthy working environment for everyone using the premises by ensuring zero accident and injuries; “We believe in keeping you safe”


Management will:


  1. Set health and safety objectives and performance criteria for all managers and work areas. Annually review health and safety objectives.
  2. Encourage accurate and timely reporting and recording of all incidents and injuries.
  3. Investigate all reported incidents and injuries to identify all contributing factors and, where appropriate, formulate plans for corrective action.
  4. Actively encourage the early reporting of any pain or discomfort.
  5. Provide treatment and rehabilitation plans that ensure a safe, early and durable return to work.
  6. Identify all existing and new hazards and take all practicable steps to eliminate or minimize the exposure to any hazards.
  7. Ensure that all employees are made aware of the hazards in their work areas and are adequately trained so they can carry out their duties in a safe manner.
  8. Encourage employee consultation and participation in all health and safety matters Enable employees to elect health and safety representatives.
  9. Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are actively managing health and safety for themselves and their employees.
  10. Promote a system of continuous improvement, including annual reviews of policies and procedures.
  11. Meet legal obligations as specified in the legislation, codes of practice and any relevant standards or guidelines.


Every manager, supervisor or foreperson is accountable to the employer for the health and safety of employees working under their direction


  1. Each employee is expected to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace through:
  2. Share in the commitment to health and safety.
  3. Following all safe work procedures, rules and instructions.
  4. Properly using all safety equipment and clothing provided.
  5. Reporting early any pain or discomfort.
  6. Taking an active role in the company’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, for their ‘early and durable return to work’.
  7. Reporting all incidents, injuries and hazards to the appropriate person. The Health and Safety Committee includes representatives from senior management and elected health and safety representative. The Committee is responsible for implementing, monitoring, reviewing and planning health and safety policies, systems and practices.


  1. Improving employee skills by conducting training programs in the next 12 months
  2. Reducing error in test and inspection reports by 85% in 6 months
  3. Increase in customer satisfaction from 75% to 85% within the 12 months
  4. 100% review of MSDS of purchased chemicals
  5. Reducing consumption of paper by 20% by encouraging the usage of used papers
  6. All types of industrial waste including e-waste disposal through authorized companies within 8 months
  7. 0% workplace accident
  8. Maintain compliance with all the applicable HSE Legal/ regulatory requirements
  9. Improvement of safety culture through monthly safety inspections and conducting weekly tool box talks
  10. Reevaluation of adequacy of PPE according to the type of work and ergonomics and 95% controlling of residual risk within 6 months
  11. Threat and vulnerability program implementation within 3 months

Our pool of talent includes Engineers, Inspectors, Accountants, Finance Experts and Technicians.