Evaluation of degradation of coatings, quantify and sizing of defects

A thorough assessment of current coating conditions provides the necessary information for determining the most cost-effective maintenance strategy.


Evaluation of coatings is done primarily by means of visual evaluation. The condition of the coating is evaluated by assessing blistering, rust formation of the substrate, creepback at an artificially applied defect.



ISO 4628‑1 defines the system used for designating the quantity and size of defects and the intensity of changes in appearance of coatings and outlines the general principles of the system. ISO 4628-3 specifies a method for assessing the degree of rusting of coatings by comparison with pictorial standards.


Characterization of the coating can be done by means of several test which include:


  • Holiday Detection Test
  • Adhesion Test
  • Coating Hardness Test
  • Coating Thickness
  • Impact Resistance

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