Quick and Easy Technique to Detect Surface and Subsurface Flaws

Liquid penetrant testing, also known as dye penetrant inspection (DPI) or liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) is one of the most common and affordable solution and one of the oldest, if compared to non-destructive testing inspection history.


Liquid Penetrant uses the property of capillary action to find surface-breaking discontinuities in a variety of materials. Penetrant testing uses a low viscosity liquid (penetrant) that is applied to the surface of a test piece.


Liquid Penetrant Inspection uses this capillary action to allow the penetrant to enter into fissures and voids that are open to the surface. After a dwelling time, the excess penetrant is removed and a developer is applied, any remaining penetrant in the voids will flow back out, exposing the indication.



There are a variety of techniques included in liquid penetrant testing, each dependent on the type of inspection and the type of flaws a technician is aiming to find.


  • Can be applied on complicated shapes
  • LPI consumable are portable and compact
  • Sensitive to small surface interruptions
  • Very cost-effective inspection method
  • Visual and immediate indication of results


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